‘For sale – kraal manure’ said the sign.

The sign was placed beside the man sitting down at the corner of a busy intersection, and his wares were a short way away from him (on purpose, we should imagine), but still plainly in sight.

Now, the wording of the sign was short, sharp, to the point, and arguably a little pungent also…to match the wares.

Here in the trade, we could call that ‘brand identity’. It’s important to ensure that that your words fit your product and its overall packaging.

We’re now, of course, being slightly facetious, but the whole tableau got the brains going.

Times are tough right now – for businesses of all sizes, big and small. And, as they say: ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get marketing.’

Because how are your potential clients and customers going to find you if you don’t broadcast your existence, in some way, shape or form?

And as we personally like to say: ‘It’s all about the storytelling. Who do you want to reach?’

Our man has a story to tell, and he’s telling it, in a highly visible spot on a busy street.

He’s broadcasting his message as best he can.

His product is simple but effective. Not to mention eco-friendly.

Perhaps in due course, he could add to his sign: ‘For sale. Kraal manure. Good for your garden – healthy for the planet.’

That’s called follow-up messaging.

Right now, it’s potentially a good time to buy his wares in the near future. Spring is in the air and it would help select plants in our gardens. It would also help the businessman.

He has a product, and we have a use for it.

We will meet because of his marketing efforts. This is called a win-win.

And so we challenge you to ask yourself the following:
Are you surviving right now?
Are you thriving?
And what is your business doing to reach out to your potential clients, and reassure your existing ones that you are right here, waiting to help them?

Because, as ‘they’ also say in the vernacular: ‘No sh**, Sherlock, but if you don’t let the people hear your marketing messaging, someone else is going to beat you to it!’