Ocular Technologies, a South African customer engagement specialist, has achieved value-add reseller (VAR) status with Genesys, a global customer experience and contact centre solutions provider.

Ocular will focus on the Genesys PureConnect platform, an omnichannel contact centre solution for mid-market to large organisations.

While Ocular will specialise in on-premises deployments, PureConnect is also available in the cloud. The solution allows businesses to minimise risk and support thousands of users on one server with a single set of integrated applications.

“Genesys has made significant headway in helping companies across the globe replace legacy systems from multiple providers with transformational solutions that allows for predictive, efficient and contextual customer experiences. In the process, it has established itself as a leader in both cloud and on-premises customer experience solutions by leading industry analysts,” says Pommie Lutchman, CEO and founder of Ocular Technologies.

PureConnect allows for fast access to self-service, inbound digital, outbound, workforce optimisation, analytics and integrations solutions. New digital channels and real-time speech analytics can be quickly and easily added, while maintaining a single view of the customer across channels using a real-time dashboard.

“PureConnect reporting capabilities provide a snapshot of current contact centre statistics, as well as identifying trends within a deeper analysis of an entire call history,” explains Lutchman. “It complements our existing customer engagement and digital experience offering by providing excellent capabilities within a streamlined footprint. The company’s global reach, local support, clear product focus and stability made it an excellent fit for Ocular,” he adds.

“With 16 years of experience within the customer engagement sector and deep understanding of the process clients need to undergo for true digital transformation, Ocular is well positioned to help businesses extend the value of PureConnect,” says Frikkie Hurn, senior account executive for channel at Genesys. “We see Ocular playing an important role in the South African market in the rollout of our flexible subscription model for on-premises customers.”

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