One of the first questions we are always asked is how far does PR reach? The short answer is that PR can connect you with anyone who browses the Internet, reads a publication, watches TV, or listens to the radio. It could be said that PR has the broadest reach of perhaps any element in the marketing mix.

The PR industry is evolving, driven by new marketing realities. It is a giant that is awakening, stretching its capabilities, taking steps and leaps forward, and assuming its key role in the marketing mix.

In today’s fast paced, e-commerce world, PR has risen to importance. And with this importance comes greater freedom – all of a sudden, the value of creative PR is apparent. Sadly, though, while other marketing genres are forging ahead in inventing new ways to do business, many PR professionals are stuck in a rut. And, let’s face it: Same-old same-old does not get anyone excited, let alone the audience they are trying to reach.

In fairness, some PR executives have grown adverse to risk and creativity, giving the PR firm little room to manoeuvre. But, with a little trust, PR practitioners can do more than just communicate with an audience. They can create an emotional connection and really motivate an audience.

Isn’t that a risk worth taking? Go on, let your PR firm flex their creative muscles and ply their craft to the max. You know you want to.