PR really is a delicate operation; picture a tightrope walker balancing precariously above the sawdust and you’ll have a better understanding.

Striking the right balance between keeping your clients happy and giving your press contacts what they need isn’t the easiest of jobs. But honestly, it’s all in the approach. That’s why it’s critical for a PR company to:

  • continuously work on its relationships, becoming both an extension of its client’s marketing team as well as building a reputation with journalists as a reliable source of information;
  • pitch a story in the right way to the press, based on what each particular publication’s audience wants to read;
  • provide consistently good, strong content;
  • not be driven purely to make up monthly target numbers – this way, the media knows that they’ll never receive a piece of puffery, written just for the sake of it; and
  • be honest and remain steadfast when it comes to training up spokespeople or disagreeing over a weak story angle.

Part-journalist, part-brand advocate, THIS is a PR force to be reckoned with!